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The product may be great, but if no one knows anything about it, it’s of no use.

Marketing provides an opportunity to communicate with the customer, increase brand recognition and promote sales. Efficient marketing is based on a well-designed marketing strategy and a thorough ex-ante analysis.

Marketing strategy

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Every action requires a plan. A splendid marketing plan is based on cycles: brand design, finding customers and keeping them. Brand design – this is the most expensive part of marketing because it isn’t founded on winning the customer but on developing a connection between his subconscious and the product. Successful brand marketing will affect the customer’s subsequent purchase decisions. Finding a customer – the most measurable form of marketing is value propositions that address specific target audiences and quickly induce them to consume products and services. Keeping a customer – building long-term customer relationships is the most difficult part of marketing. Each company has times when there are fewer customers than usual and they need new activities to attract them. However, each company is special, and there isn’t a particular formula for success that would always work. We will find a solution with You, and we’ll be a bridge between You and the customer.

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Marketing Analysis

Marketing without a prior analysis is like manoeuvring a car aimlessly.

Analysis needs to be done both before and after marketing activities. How is it possible to market if there is no information about the customer, and how would the information be collected if the results of the activities weren’t measured? Quite simply, analysis can be used to draw conclusions about the past and make assumptions about the future.

An analysis carried out correctly answers a number of questions. Who are your customers? What do they enjoy? What are their hobbies? How can they be influenced to buy? This knowledge, in turn, will contribute to the successful sales of Your products and services. It is definitely effective to know when your average customer has a payday and what products he prefers and whether he spends money on himself or his loved ones. Analyzing such information provides an excellent overview of the nature of the client and his genuine needs.

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