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Creative works

“Creativity takes courage”

Creation means devising and implementing something unique, clearly distinguishable from all the rest. It begins somewhere between the conscious and unconscious mind. Namely, an excellent result from creative efforts remains a significant factor in the client’s purchase decision.

Brand design

“A brand isn’t limited to the external side of a product or service – a brand also includes the values that a product or service carries and people who want to be associated with it. ”

A good brand has a specific and distinctive name and a consistent external appearance across all marketing channels.
The brand disseminates the values of the product or service and gives You many advantages. Among other things, it guarantees credibility, recognition and loyalty among customers. For example, googling, which originally only meant making a query using Google’s search engine, but by which now most of us mean searching the Internet for information in general. Or how many times have you heard breakfast cereals being called Kelloggs’? Inevitably, customers tend to prefer the company they’ve heard of before or whose brand gives a reliable impression at first glance. Are you ready to be the next Google?

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The Brand Book

The Brand Book is like the company’s passport. It unambiguously lists all brand information like different versions of logos for both printing and online use, company-specific colours and rules for use, publishing style, design of blank documents and business cards, etc. We will help to ensure the consistent style of your brand, inter alia, by avoiding situations such as those where ten different tones of yellow are used in different channels at the same time.

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Web Design

“Vision plays an important role in the human perception of the world.”

There are thousands of formats for designing ads online, with Facebook alone offering five different ad formats to display between posts. If we add to them the opportunities offered by Google Ads and Instagram, banner ads and homepage design. It can definitely be observed that those can’t be successfully designed by the classic Paint. And that is merely the technical aspect. Speaking of designing a homepage, most people apparently don’t know the meaning of the abbreviations UI and UX. It should be noted that both of them (user interface and user experience) refer to how the customer browses on your webpage and how they feel about what they see there. All of this is reflected in Your company’s turnover. People perceive the world to a large extent by means of vision. If you do not possess the necessary expertise to make it work for you, then we can help You.

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Printed matter

„It is always good to give a customer something that can be carried along physically. “

A business card is a printed matter that does not require individual advertising. It’s convenient to carry along and hand it to the customer. In addition to business cards, we design unique flyers, stickers and signs.

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Design of packaging

„You never get a second chance to make a first impression.“

A good product comes in an easily distinguishable and convenient packaging. What makes the packaging distinguishable? The packaging must reflect the product it contains before a customer can actually touch and use it. Beautiful packaging attracts the attention of the consumer and produces a variety of feelings in him, particularly curiosity, which drives him to buy the product. Thus, the product must have a visually appealing effect, so that a consumer would choose Your product from a shelf that is full of other products.

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Guerilla Marketing

„Influential doesn’t need to be expensive. “

For a private or medium-sized company, marketing in traditional media (TV, radio) is probably overly expensive. How can we then reach the broadest audience possible at the lowest costs? The solution to that problem is Guerilla Marketing.
Guerilla Marketing offers a solution with a limited budget but high impact based on visual arts that can be used to make Your company visible. Creativity is more fundamental than the financial budget. A well performed Guerilla marketing action reaches social media through the people and there, more people begin to spread it, which means free advertising for You.
How does it feel?

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