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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the only marketing method with real measurable results. This is the most rapidly growing type of marketing that is also the most consumed.

Social Media Marketing

Content is fire, and social media is gasoline

There is no doubt that every company must have a social media account, it is essential. Forecasts predict that by 2021, the number of social media users will have grown to one-third of the world’s population. What a resource! The number of social network users is thriving and the digital world is more communicative than ever.

Social media can be employed to investigate the behaviour and interests of the ordinary consumer. The search for cooperation partners through social media also represents an upward trend.

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Facebook Marketing

„ Facebook is used by 50% of Estonians, and by 22% of the world’s population.

Facebook is one of the most influential social media channels that is used by both younger and older people. Consequently, being present and visible on that platform are integral parts of the marketing plan. Facebook ads have diverse purposes: brand design, contact collection and the sales promotion of products and services. Sooner or later, you will need all of them.

But how is it possible to use these options to their full extent? To do this, the first requirement is to carry out an in-depth analysis that enables you to get to know your client thoroughly – leave that to us.

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Facebook Management

Creating a Facebook account isn’t enough. The account provides an excellent opportunity to get to know the customer, but it takes more effort than organizing a sharing game “Win 1 000 000 euros and an island in the Bahamas!”. Otherwise, you’ll merely gather a bunch of people to your fan page who aren’t interested in your product at all.

For the social network account to fulfil its actual marketing purpose, first of all, a plan is needed. Then it can be determined when, what and why should be posted to Facebook. The posts are divided into three: activation games, information posts and value posts. But don’t worry, we will be handling those.

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Instagram Marketing

320 000 Estonians use Instagram. The key difference between this network and Facebook is that Instagram is purely built upon visual images.

Instagram is an ideal channel for companies whose products or services are bound up with pictorial representation.

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Instagram Management

Instagram management is about taking a systematic and strategic look at your pictures and including the right keywords which make Your business easier to find for Your potential customers. Leave content posting and everything else related to managing the account to us. And we will do our utmost to highlight the visual aspect of Your company in the best way!

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Content Marketing

Good content sells.

Today, the traditional SEO (search engine optimization) is no longer enough to originally highlight the webpage. Google is no longer merely interested in good links and three well-titled pages. It is necessary to create a unique and brilliant CONTENT to differentiate and stand out from competitors.

What is good content and what does it provide?

The best content is the topics addressed to the audience, discussed in simple language. Good content keeps regular customers informed about your products and services while notifying new customers offering them new value.

Provide useful and interesting information to your clients, and they will be loyal to You.

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